Mountains and hills general knowledge MCQs


Mountains and hills general knowledge MCQs

1. The name of the Highest peak in Pakistan is?
2. What is the other name of K-2?
3. What is the number of K-2 Peak in the Highest peak in the world?
4. What in the Name of the mountain range in which K-2 is located?
5. The roof of the word is?
6. Nanga Parbat is the part of which Mountain range?
7. Pakistan is separated by which range from China?
8. Pakistan and Afghanistan are separated by_____________range.
9. The height of Terichmir peak is ______________Meter.
10. Nanga Parbat height is____________________________meters.
11. The Hindukush range direction is from_______________?
12. The highest peak of Koh-e-Sufaid range is ________________.
13. The total height os K-2 Peak in meters is?
14. The killer mountain peak is?

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