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List of Landlocked Countries in every continent in the world

What is Landlocked country?

A landlocked country can be defined as countries which have no (Zero km) Coastline and surrounded by land from all sides is known as landlocked country. If a country is surrounded by another country which is also landlocked is called a doubly landlocked country.

The number of countries which are fully landlocked having zero km coastline is 44 in the world, there are 5 additional countries which are partially landlocked, mean having only a few kilometer coastlines. If a country has no coastline it is deemed bad luck country and it has a disadvantage because the country is cut off from the sea trade which has a great effect nowadays in the economy and growth of a country.

Land Locked Countries in Asia

  1. Afghanistan,
  2. Azerbaijan,
  3. Bhutan,
  4. Kazakhstan,
  5. Kyrgyzstan,
  6. Laos.
  7. Mongolia,
  8. Nepal,
  9. Tajikistan,
  10. Turkmenistan,
  11. Uzbekistan.

Land Locked Countries in Europe

  1. Andorra,
  2. Armenia,
  3. Austria,
  4. Belarus,
  5. The Czech Republic,
  6. Vatican City,
  7. Hungary,
  8. Liechtenstein,
  9. Luxembourg,
  10. Moldova,
  11. San Marino,
  12. Serbia,
  13. Slovakia,
  14. Switzerland,
  15. Kosovo.
  16. The Republic of Macedonia,

Landlocked countries in African

  1. Botswana,
  2. Burkina Faso,
  3. Burundi,
  4. The central African Republic,
  5. Chad,
  6. Ethiopia,
  7. Lesotho,
  8. Malawi.
  9. Mali,
  10. Niger,
  11. Rwanda,
  12. Swaiilanci,
  13. Uganda,
  14. Zambia,
  15. Zimbabwe.

Landlocked countries in South America

  1. Bolivia,
  2. Paraguay

 Doubly landlocked country

  1. Liechtenstein
  2. Uzbekistan

Partial or Semi Landlocked Countries

  1. Iraq (the Persian Gulf via Al-Faw Peninsula) 58 km (35 mi)
  2. Slovenia (Adriatic Servia Koper) 47km (29.mi).
  3. Democratic Republic of the Congo (Atlantic Ocean) 40kn1 (25 mi)
  4. Bosnia and Herzegovina (the Adriatic Sea via Neum) 26 km (16 mi)
  5.  jordan (Red Sea-Gulf of Aqaba via Aqaba) 26 km (16 mi)

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