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Hello, everybody! today I’m going to tell you how to share internet to your mobile phone or other laptop computers using the prime minister laptop scheme internet USB device.

Many students who had got this device most of the time get confused and thinking about the USB device given to them with prime minister laptop that it is a wifi device. But it is not a Wifi device, the device is only to access the internet for the computer in which it is plugged in.

So then how to make it a WiFi device?

well, it’s not a difficult job you can do it in a few easy steps and enjoy internet on your phone and every other device you want to share.

  1.  Click on the start menu or window button on the keyboard. look at snapshot # 1

start icon
snapshot no 1

Now type cmd in search program and files as seen in snapshot no 2

command mood
Snapshot No 2

at the top of the menu, you will see a small command window icon. Now take right mouse click and click on run as administrator. see snapshot no 3.

Snapshot no 3

after clicking a window appears like

command window

here inside this command window, we need to type the following commands,

  1. netsh wlan show drivers
  2. netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=name key=password
  3. netsh wlan start hostednetwork

The 1st command when we type and press enter button it shows us directly either our computer support the hotspot or not. if there is yes in front of hosted network supported then you are lucky and your PC can be a hotspot device.

NOTE : we have also made a video tutorial on it, if you want to watch that click

  how to use wifi/Hotspot on prime minister laptop scheme zong/jazz MBB mobile broadband device

in the second command the hosted network mode  is allowed and ssid will be the name of your wifi appeared on phones and laptop when sharing internet. The key is actually the password for your wifi to restrict the access of everyone using your internet. The password must be at least  8 characters long.

And finally, the third command is for starting your hotspot. When this command is entered then go and check your phone for your named network.

now your pc is your wifi hotspot.


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