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All You Need To Know ABout Holy Quran

Quran MCQs

• Kalima Tayyaiba is mentioned in Quran for 2 times. • The word Quran means “read one”. • 114 total number of Surah • Surah means city of Refuge. • 86 Makki Surah. • 28 Madine Surah. • 558 Rukus. • Al-Baqrah is the longest Surah. • Al- Kausar is the shortest Surah. • Al-Nass is the last surah. • 14 bows are in Quran. • First bow occurs in 9th Para i.e Al-Inaam Surah. • Al-Faitha is the preface of the holy Quran. • Five verses were reveled in the first wahy. • Namaz commanded in quran for 700 times. • Al-Mudassar-2nd Revealed Surah. • Al-Muzammil- 3rd Revealed Surah. • Al-Tauba does not start with Bismillah. • Al-Namal contains two Bismillahs. • Three surah starts with curse. • 6666 is the number of Ayats. • 29 total number of Mukata’t. • Hazrat Usman was the first Hafiz of the Holy Quran. • Hazrat Khalid Bin Saeed, the first writer of Wahy. • 12 Ghazawahs described in Holy Quran (total 27). • Abdullah Ibn Abbas, the first commentator of the Quran and also known as interpreter of the Quaran. • In surah Al-Saf, Hoy prophet is addressed as Ahmed. • Ghar-e-Sor is mentioned in Surah Al-Tauba. • 5 Surhas start with Qul. • Hazrat Umar proposed the compilation of the Holy Quran. • Al- Nasr is known as Surah Widah. • Abdul Malik Marwan applied the dots in the Holy Quran. • Hajjaj bin Yousuf applied diacritical points in Quaran. • 37 total number of surah in the last parah. • Al- Baqrah and Surah Al-Nissa are spread over 3 Parahs. • Al-Falq and Al-Nas revealed at the same time. • The city of Rome is mentioned in Holy Quran.

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