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Hello everyone!

In 21 century almost everything is changed the way we pay to transfer money, apply for a post or want to take admission in a college or university all we can do through the internet in a few clicks from home. One of the important requirement to apply for a job post or filling admission form is uploading picture/photo of the candidate in a specific size. In this post, we are going to learn how we can crop, resize an image for special need using our cell phone.

Step #1 >  Open the folder on your mobile phone where the photos are stored. Mostly in Gallery.

Step #2 > At the bottom of the mobile phone screen you will see a number of options click edit option.

Step #3 > After clicking edit  Again a few options for photo editing appears at the bottom this time select Transform or in some phone Crop.

Step # 4 > After clicking Transform you will see drag-able lines at each corner of the photo. put your finger on desired corner and drag down, up, left, or right for required changes.

Step # 5 > The last step is to save the performed changes to the photo for this you need to Tap the Tick mark or in some phone there is save option.

image cropping
Step by Step Image cropping process

After applying the step #4 and 5 i have cropped the unnecessary area from the image and the result is below

Crop, Resize Photos
After cropping and resizing the image

IF we look at the top images before cropping there is an extra space but in our final image we don’t have that extra space. we also removed some part of image from left right and bottom sides.

if you want you can change the photos as per you need. There is also more option one of them is Tone where you can lighten the face for better look decrease and increase brightness smoothness and can fix red eye.

Best of luck go and try.

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