ICC cricket world cup 2019

ICC cricket world cup 2019 Pakistan vs India 2019 world cup free live streaming

ICC cricket world cup 2019 is started, It is the biggest event of the cricket games amongst various nations across the world. The 2019 world cup teams are Australia, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan,  England, Bangladesh, Srilanka, South Africa, WestIndies. There are billions of cricket fans who are watching live matches through various channels online. Here is […]

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List of Landlocked Countries in every continent in the world

List of Landlocked Countries in every continent in the world What is Landlocked country? A landlocked country can be defined as countries which have no (Zero km) Coastline and surrounded by land from all sides is known as landlocked country. If a country is surrounded by another country which is also landlocked is called a doubly […]

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Pakistan Study General Knowledge (MCQ’s)

پاکستان کا نام چوہدری رحمت علی نے تجویز کیا تقسیم ہند کے منصوبے کا اعلان 3 جون 1947 کو ہوا تقسیم ہند کے منصوبے کا اعلان لارڈ مونٹ بٹن نے کیا ہندوستان کا آخری واںسریے لارڈ مونٹ بیٹن تھے قاںد اعظم نے 3جون 1947ء کو آل انڈیا ریڈیو سے خطاب کیا قاںؑد اعظم نے 16 […]

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Pakistan new government general knowledge 2018 – Current affair

Islamic republic of Pakistan is democratic country where after every five year of completion new general election are held and new government are formed. In 2018 general election was held in Pakistan and new government are formed by Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI) who won 116 National assembly seats and became the   largest political party in […]

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Pakistan 2018 General Election Facts and Figure.

Pakistan 2018 general election was held on 25th July 2018 in which the people of Pakistan voted for their favorite candidates from different political parties. The most major and prominent parties who took part in this election include Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf(PTI), Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N), Pakistan People Party(PPP), Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan(MQM), Muttahida Majlis Amal(MMA), Awami National Party(ANP), Pakistan […]

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Pakistan Caretaker government 2018

In Pakistan when one government complete 5 years tenure or government parliamentary system is dissolved caretaker government put in place in all provinces of Pakistan including capital territory Islamabad. The caretaker government is for a limited time in Pakistan, in 2018 only for 60 to 90 days. The time is given to the caretaker government to […]

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