Application of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality owns great potential to revolutionize the future of various disciplines, from education, architecture, medicine, business, military to manufacturing and entertainment. Virtual reality is one of the swiftly evolving technology in the 21st century for the environments where costly equipment is required as well as the environment is not safe for human.

Virtual Reality in Education

VR has been utilized in education because it enriches teaching and learning. With the help of virtual reality, a wide group of students can cooperate with each other within a 3D environment instead of going on a trip to observe some industrial processes. The industrial mechanisms can be simulated on virtual reality principles. This heightens understanding and also fun for students with learning. VR is really helpful in teaching when the teacher would like to clarify the real object when it is uncertain, unfeasible, time-consuming and costly. Computer-based training (CBT) in the eld of
education is one of the good techniques for using Virtual reality technologies.

Virtual Reality in Health Care

VR is becoming one of the useful technology in the world for health care. The advantage of virtual reality in the health care sector is, the health care professionals learn new skills and also can refresh the existing skills without any fear in a safe virtual environment. VR is used in robotic surgery where surgery is performed with the help of a robot, controlled by a human surgeon. VR is proving to be very useful in the treatment of di erent types of phobias as well.

Virtual Reality in Military

The military has adopted virtual reality in all three services i.e air force, army, and navy. The military is using VR for training goals and purposes. This is especially bene cial for training soldiers for battle situations or other hazardous settings where they have to learn how to respond in a proper manner. VR simulation empowers them to react to a dangerous situation but without the risk of death or any severe injury. The air force uses the VR in training pilots with the help of a flight simulator with great success. The
flight simulator is used to teach them the skills of flying and how to communicate with ground control in an emergency.

Virtual Reality in Construction

Virtual reality can be very helpful in the construction industry, which is often known as having a huge amount of inability and low-pro t margins. To use a virtual environment, a company can draw the resulting construction in 3D and also experience them in the real world. The construction of buildings in a virtual environment has the bene t of testing various factors in the building without any cost and time. It may help to minimize the number of mistakes in construction. In virtual reality, the building constructed environment can be simulated that look and feel like
normal environment. The simulation allows an organization to fine-tune construction mechanisms for high efficiency and a low amount of change

Virtual Reality in Entertainment

VR is best fit in the entertainment industry which is one of the most passionate advocates of virtual reality, most clearly in games and virtual worlds but there are also areas which are generally liked and equally popular such as Virtual Museums as, interactive exhibitions, Galleries, Theater, Virtual theme parks, Discovery centers. Many of the categories stated above fall into the category of edutainment, because the aim is to entertain and educate.

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