About us

www.studentify.pk is website developed by a group of university students for information purpose to provide useful information to the students and those educated people who want to know and get information about admission, Scholarships, Internships newly announced jobs admission and having plenty of material and contents of general knowledge for test preparation and interview.The main purpose of this website is to organize a large repository of knowledge for the general reference of students and competitors. studentify.pk was launched on March 24, 2018, and is a pioneer in providing high-quality content to students and applicants of various examinations in Pakistan.

How can I contribute?

studentify.pk covers the current affairs and conventional subjects. we are constantly posting and updating our website to provide the updated and meaningful information to the visitors of studentify.pk but if someone out of our team wants to contribute to the studentify.pk the team will accept with an open heart and will publish the contributed information with the name of the contributor after reviewing.

The studentify.pk team is trying to provide high quality and updated contents about Pakistan general knowledge current affairs Islamic knowledge and all other subjects you need for the study to the students with great efforts. However if any content or information about any topic is found incorrect it will be our pleasure if any visitor or viewer notify us to correct the specific information provided by the studentify.pk. The user can contact us through contact us page or comment on the post which contain incorrect information about any topic. The comment will be viewed by the studentify team and make the required correction on the website and the comment will not be showed to not disturb the discussion and students attention towards the specific mistake.

In case of any query and question about the website or on any other information feel free to contact us at our contact page here CONTACT NOW.